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Re: stories about actually using FC3t1 on a regular basis?

On Fri, 6 Aug 2004 09:11:48 -0400 (EDT), Robert P. J. Day
<rpjday mindspring com> wrote:
>    i don't really push the bounds of normal usage:

well.. its a laptop right... id say thats your biggest worry.

> * I8100 with 1600x1200 screen, which i can always just run the OSS
>    nv driver on, that works fine.

I have a desktop running a geforce2 1600x1200 running fc3t1, even
hacked up the livna nvidia srpm to compile on it... I saw far less
smoke coming from my moniter than i expected.

> * linksys pcmcia cards, both wired and wireless, which have never
>    given me trouble
can't comment

> * pine for mail
haven't bothered 

> * basic USB for logitech optical mouse, and card readers
card readers.... yeah... until I got the latest round of updates i was
having some particularly
interesting gnome issues with my usb mountable storage devices. Which
seems to have magically gone away since the last round of development


I'm using the fc3t1 box at home now as my primary machine for normal
home desktop tasks, I'm actually seriously disappointed as how few
annoyances i see doing my normal stuff.


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