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RE: DOOM3 and Fedora

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Subject: Re: DOOM3 and Fedora
On Wed, 2004-12-22 at 15:02 -0500, Williams Jr, Ernest L. wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone have doom3 working under Fedora3?
> Mine fails to start.  Any pointers?

> GL_RENDERER: Mesa GLX Indirect

Looks like there's no accelerated 3d available on your system (or it's
not configured correctly). Also, to play Doom 3 on Fedora you need an
nvidia card with the nvidia binary drivers, at least until ATI or the
DRI pe"ople make some progress with their drivers. Any other hardware is
certainly not powerful enough to run the game.

Indeed, I have NVIDIA and those binary drivers as well.
The Doom 3 Demo played perfect on FC3 kernels prior to 

So here is what I did to resolve the problem:

--Move to "2.6.9-1.715_FC3" from testing repository
--Re-run the NVIDIA install script with the "--add-this-kernel" option.

And away we go!!! Doom3 is awesome!!
I just could not let my relatives running Windows
out do my Linux Box during the holidays.

One caveat: There is indeed a gotcha.
-- known issue that causes the laptop to lockup when logging
out from the KDE or GNOME desktop. I believe this has
already been reported for "2.6.9-1.715_FC3" in previous threads.
I hope this is fixed in upstream kernels for FC3?

Merry Christmas,


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