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Re: Status of Adaptec Hostraid support.

Alan Cox writes:

On Sun, Feb 01, 2004 at 05:14:56PM -0500, Sam Varshavchik wrote:
>The raid card issues go back years actually - AHA hostraid stuff like
>the IDE raid hasn't been Linux supported, smarter stuff has been well

Well then, so much for Adaptec???

Adaptec hw raid stuff is supported (aacraid etc) but to be honest hardware

Oh, I get it now. Adaptec's Hostraid line isn't really hardware raid, it still needs host OS support.

Well, it did look like hardware RAID at first (up until the point when I actually tried to boot Fedora). After enabling RAID, subsequent POST enumerated a single device, on the lowest SCSI ID of the two drives.

That still leaves the question of a working SCSI hardware raid card.  I'm
open to suggestions.  Some Googling brings up occasional reports of random
glitches with software raid; so I'd still prefer a hardware raid solution.

I've got 3ware bits - which work nicely, and aacraid - which works pretty well although it doesnt like some of the RH kernels. You can pick up decent aacraid cards (quad channel perc2/qc aka "Obsidian") on ebay.

I can't find SCSI stuff on 3ware.com. They look to be in the business of ATA RAID only.

Looks like my only option appears to be LSI Megaraid 320-1.


That should work..

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