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Trouble with control-center-2.5.2-2


Yesterday I upgraded to Fedora Rawhide. After this logging in to GNOME
with mortal users was not possible anymore; after username/password
gnome-session got started, the Fedora logo showed and then nothing... No
crash, but also no action (normally some icons and text being displayed
of what programs are started). Logging in with root was no problem

After some trial-and-error I noticed that when I installed the old
control-center-2.4.0 (from FC1) back again the problem vanished.

I have absolutely no hard evidence, but I suspect gnome-settings-daemon
to be the culprit. Only a few programs get loaded before all action
stops, and replacing the RPMs of the other programs (such as GConf2) did
not solve the problem.

Is this a known problem? I suspect some rights issues are to blame (as
root was still able to log in)...

-- Alexander Brinkman

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