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Re: Status of Adaptec Hostraid support.

On Monday 02 February 2004 11:11, Eric Wood wrote:
> I use LSI's 320-1 raid card in conjuction with a 5-bay SuperMicro
> cage. It's really flexible to configure and not that much money.   In
> order to get LSI raid utility (megamgr) to work, you may have to roll
> your own kernel because RH's stock errata kernel do not come with the
> latest LSI drivers - for some reason.  Newer LSI drivers would seem
> harmless to roll out, IMHO, in an errata kernel but I guess RH is
> playing it safe.

Except that LSI's driver seems slow.  megaraid2 module seems to give 
better performance, but again megamgr doesn't work w/ megaraid2.

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