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Gnome problems in rawhide

I am yummified up to date on rawhide and have a few problems with Gnome. Now I know it's in flux currently so maybe some (or all) may go away, but maybe some of the problems slipped in during the process. So perhaps somebody can verify that I am not the only one seeing these (I looked through bugzilla and couldn't find anything):

1. Files deleted (or Moved to Trash) from Nautilus don't end up there. Trash remains empty.

2. My windows partition no longer shows up on the desktop. Neither is it present under 'My Computer' nor are my CD-ROM drives or my floppy drive. The only thing there is Filesystem and Network.

3. Gnome sound is not working. I get quite a few 'Unable to connect to UNIX socket /tmp/.esd/socket' messages in my .xsession-errors at startup and whenever I call esd related programs. NOTE: other sound (xine, etc.) works.

4. Here I don't know if it is a Gnome problem per se: I am running gdesklets and it now complains that it can't load EWMH support so they appear on top on everything else. Is it a gdesklets problem or did it get introduced with the recent gnome updates?

:: Marcus

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