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Re: Gnome problems in rawhide

2004-02-03 화 10:36 -0500에 Marcus Schuetz 쓰기를:
> I am yummified up to date on rawhide and have a few problems with Gnome. 
> Now I know it's in flux currently so maybe some (or all) may go away, 
> but maybe some of the problems slipped in during the process. So perhaps 
> somebody can verify that I am not the only one seeing these (I looked 
> through bugzilla and couldn't find anything):
> 1. Files deleted (or Moved to Trash) from Nautilus don't end up there. 
> Trash remains empty.
> 2. My windows partition no longer shows up on the desktop. Neither is it 
> present under 'My Computer' nor are my CD-ROM drives or my floppy drive. 
> The only thing there is Filesystem and Network.

1, 2. gnome-vfs2 2.5.6 .server file bug

#cat /usr/lib/bonobo/servers/GNOME_VFS_Daemon.server

<oaf_server iid="OAFIID:GNOME_VFS_Daemon_Factory"
        type="exe" location="/usr/src/build/345256-i386/install/usr/

modified GNOME_VFS_Daemon.server file

<oaf_server iid="OAFIID:GNOME_VFS_Daemon_Factory"
        type="exe" location="/usr/libexec/gnome-vfs-daemon">

> 3. Gnome sound is not working. I get quite a few 'Unable to connect to 
> UNIX socket /tmp/.esd/socket' messages in my .xsession-errors at startup 
> and whenever I call esd related programs. NOTE: other sound (xine, etc.) 
>   works.
> 4. Here I don't know if it is a Gnome problem per se: I am running 
> gdesklets and it now complains that it can't load EWMH support so they 
> appear on top on everything else. Is it a gdesklets problem or did it 
> get introduced with the recent gnome updates?
> :: Marcus
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