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Fedora Bug Day Tomorrow: Feb 4th 2004: the strings they area'changin'

What: 	Fedora Bug Day: Triage text strings before the 
	feb 13 string change freeze
Basically that means finding bugreports that talk about bugs in user
visible text that would need to be retranslated if fixed. Bugs of this
type can be marked with a bugzilla keyword to make it easier for
developers to find and fix.  Simple typos don't count. More like a
change in meaning. Only components translated by Red Hat/Fedora
translation teams are effected:
anaconda, anaconda-online-help, authconfig, autorun, chkconfig,
comps-po, firstboot, hwbrowser, initscripts (and any messages from the
/etc/rc.d/init.d/* scripts), kudzu, libuser, redhat-artwork, redhat-
menus, rhgb, setuptool, sndconfig, specspo, switchdesk, system-config-*,
system-logviewer, system-switch-mail, up2date, usermode

Because you are going to kick yourself if you find
a text string that could be reworded after the string change deadline,
and its too late to fix.

Pretty much everyone. If you have a little time to spare, and want to
help make it easier for the developers by helping organize the untamed
sea of bugreports in bugzilla, then triage just might be for you. You
don't need to code(though if you can, patch submissions are always
welcome), you just need a web browser and an account at bugzilla.redhat.
com. An irc client or email client would help too...since you probably
want to try to communicate to the other triagers either on irc on the
fedora-bugs channel at freenode, or in the mailinglist at duke.

1)scan through the list of open bugs in components affected by the
string freeze deadline via this handy-dandy url:
http://tinyurl.com/3g4bz  (there's only 1763 bugs in the list)
2)if you find a bug report about a text string that could affect
translations if fixed... jump into the #fedora-bugs channel on freenode
and catch a triager's attention about the bug, or post an email to the
triage list https://lists.dulug.duke.edu/pipermail/fedora-triage-list/.
3)Don't be discouraged if you don't find any text string related bugs
that need triaging. You can still help out tomorrow by getting involved
in the general fedora triage efforts in irc or the triage mailinglist OR
pick your favorite package waiting for initial QA at fedora.us (http://
www.fedora.us/QA - 340 packages are in that list!) and get the ball
rolling towards publication:

No Clue What I'm talking about when I say the phrase Fedora Triage?
Take a quick look at the fedora-triage-list archives:
These messages should hopefully tell you what its all about in more
http://tinyurl.com/ywma3 - Summary of my vision for Fedora Triage
http://tinyurl.com/23alw - My short term goals and long term plans

-jef"mirnov magnetic field sensors calibrated to 3%"spaleta

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