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Re: Fedora for AMD64

On February 04, 2004 02:30 pm, Shah Amit wrote:
> Hi all,
> Has anyone tried the Fedora Core 1 for Amd64 test1 release for the 64bit
> AMD processor ?? 

Yes, it runs fairly well. I was using it but but recently I upgraded to early 
FC2 from Rawhide. I have been running 2.6.1 kernels for the most part so I am 
not sure how well the current 2.4 kernel works. I know some driver stuff has 
been back ported to the 2.4 kernel so it should work.

Athlon64 3200+
Biostar K8VHA Via Chipset
Fedora Core 1.90
2.6.1 Kernel

> I have an emachines laptop - 6805 which has the AMD64 ...
> I want to try to install Fedora on this, but I dont know how good and
> stable the Fedora AMD64 is ... .If anyone can give me some advise ... If
> not Fedora, which distro would be the best for the 64 bit AMD ...

You may have to install alsa to get sound working but I am unsure what chipset 
the M6807 uses. 

As for Video, under 64 Bit Linux, you won't be getting 3D support. The open 
source drivers don't support 3D for the 9600 and ATI has yet to release 64Bit 


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