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Re: AMD64 install failure on LSI Megaraid.

Eric Wood writes:

The only other detail here is that the Megaraid card is in the 32 bit PCI
slot.  For some reason I can't boot the machine with the Megaraid card in
the 64 bit slot.

What's kind of motherboard are you using? Have you flash your RAID card with the latest BIOS. I did so on my 320-1 card and I believe it made it compatible with the latest driver.

It's an Accelertech ATO2161 dual-Opteron motherboard. I just flashed the 320-1 to the latest BIOS, also flashed the latest BIOS to the motherboard, and it made no difference. The partitions format OK, but as soon as it begins copying the packages, a slew of disk errors come out on tty4, and the install aborts.

I'm wondering whether this has anything to do with me putting the 320-1 card into a 32-bit PCI slot, because that's the only way I could get the machine to boot at all. If I put the card into one of the 64bit slots, the machine does not survive the POST.

Although this does point to a hardware issue, I note that I can format the RAID partitions, and I can manually use dd to write over the entire partition without reporting any errors whatsoever. It's only when Anaconda starts installing stuff does all the hell break loose.

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