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Re: Upgrade to fc2

>   huh?  i certainly buy that upgrading *from* a test/beta shouldn't
> be supported, but i thought the whole point of a beta is that, in a
> perfect world, its behaviour is that it should match the eventual 
> release as closely as possible.  and that includes being able to
> upgrade from one release to the next.


>   granted, trying to upgrade from FC1 to FC2-test1 may fry your
> machine, we all understand that.  but are you suggesting that 
> even upgrading from FC1 to FC2-final *won't* be supported?
> that's pretty disturbing.

FC1 to FC2 is not a test release to a test release.

it's a final to a final.

Here is a problem: fc2 test1 will have evolution 1.5 in it.
it looks like evolution will NOT be ready by the time fc2 final is due

So that means rolling back to evolution 1.4.X.

So the options are:
add an epoch (ugh)
explain to people that they can't upgrade from test1 to test2 w/o
removing evolution OR they can, they just won't get the correct


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