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Re: JVM for amd64 RC1?

On Thu, Feb 05, 2004 at 01:39:46AM -0800, Mike Larkin wrote:
> The one problem I did notice is that JNI fails on the amd64 build if you 
> use 32 bit libraries (have to use 32 bit JVM, but it works fine if you do).
> What version of Tomcat are you using? Anything odd about your server.xml 
> config?

Tomcat 4.1.27.  Nothing really weird with my server.xml.  From the
default that comes with Tomcat, I add context's for my apps, usually
put the ajp coyote connector on port 139, and that's all I change, I
think.  I wonder if the Oracle thin jdbc .jar I'm using is the problem.

I did get a blackdown 32-bit jdk (don't remember which version, but it
was the latest a few weeks ago) to run for a couple of weeks once, but
it was constantly spitting messages to /var/log/messages.  And it did
eventually die.  That was on SuSE 8.1.

The current rc of the blackdown 64-bit jvm works with -Xint, but very
slowly.  And no errors.  So I'm hoping the release will "just work"
for me.

Barry Roberts

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