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Re: Upgrade to fc2

On Thu, 5 Feb 2004, Jef Spaleta wrote:

> Leonid Podolny wrote:
> > Yes, but how do I upgrade FC1 to FC2 test? yum? ftp?
> The better question to ask is... which upgrade method needs testing.
> And the best answer is, whichever upgrade method do you need to have
> working when you do a final upgrade from FC1 to FC2.
> Under RHL, upgrades via anaconda were the only upgrade path that Red Hat
> was going to even public pretend to make sure is working. yum was a
> worksforme situation that yum developers and users tested seemingly
> their own.  For Fedora, I'm sure Red Hat's engineers are still focused
> on getting anaconda working as the priority, but now that yum is inside
> Core it's a little more difficult for me to tell people not to test the
> yum upgrade path.  So if you can...test both anaconda and yum as upgrade
> paths. 

Is it just me or this whole upgrade thing going to get real complex given
the introduction of both selinux and the 2.6 kernel? Is it even possible to
upgrade and have selinux active after the upgrade without a large amount of
human intervention?


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