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Re: Upgrade to fc2

On Thu, 2004-02-05 at 08:55, Tom Diehl wrote:
> Is it just me or this whole upgrade thing going to get real complex given
> the introduction of both selinux and the 2.6 kernel? Is it even possible to
> upgrade and have selinux active after the upgrade without a large amount of
> human intervention?

Speaking of SELinux with FC2, I would like to see FC2 ship a 2.4 kernel
with enough SELinux support built in so as to not hose up the system for
the installed 2.6 kernel(s).

Personally, I do not plan on utilizing such a kernel, except during the
test series of releases.  However, I think there may be several people
who would want to be able to run both 2.4 and 2.6 kernels during a
"transition" period of their choosing.

Lamont Peterson <lamont gurulabs com>
Senior Instructor
Guru Labs <http://www.gurulabs.com/>

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