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Re: JVM for amd64 RC1?

Could it be a conflict on port 139 with Samba? Just a thought...

By the way, the 1.5.0 beta JDK for AMD64 fails miserably with Tomcat under SuSE 9.0.


Barry Roberts wrote:

On Thu, Feb 05, 2004 at 01:39:46AM -0800, Mike Larkin wrote:

The one problem I did notice is that JNI fails on the amd64 build if you use 32 bit libraries (have to use 32 bit JVM, but it works fine if you do).

What version of Tomcat are you using? Anything odd about your server.xml config?

Tomcat 4.1.27. Nothing really weird with my server.xml. From the default that comes with Tomcat, I add context's for my apps, usually put the ajp coyote connector on port 139, and that's all I change, I think. I wonder if the Oracle thin jdbc .jar I'm using is the problem.

I did get a blackdown 32-bit jdk (don't remember which version, but it
was the latest a few weeks ago) to run for a couple of weeks once, but
it was constantly spitting messages to /var/log/messages.  And it did
eventually die.  That was on SuSE 8.1.

The current rc of the blackdown 64-bit jvm works with -Xint, but very
slowly.  And no errors.  So I'm hoping the release will "just work"
for me.

Barry Roberts

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