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Some FC 2 Test / rawhide results

I pulled the latest from yesterdays rawhide FC development tree and ran an install of FC 2 Test (early?). Created a syslinux USB stick based on the boot.iso image to use as a boot medium Install method was NFS from a tree w/ kickstart to JFS partitions.

1. 1/2 dozen gnome(ish) package installs ( gdm, evolution, file-roller, etc ) report a "...parser error: Input is not proper UTF-8...." to the anaconda /root/install.log but install ok otherwise.

2. Bus device name attribuition caused headaches with conflicts betwenn the usb storage device and internal SCSI adapter. When the usb stick is the boot device it takes /dev/sda away from the internal scsi adapter / disks. [1] The install can be made to go ok but on reboot from the internal drive is atrributed sda again causing havoc. Passing "nousbstorage" to anaconda clears the way of course for the internal SCSI but makes the usb stick unusable for any further use during the installation. I thought filesystem LABELs were invented to avoid this kind of problem but they dont help either: the kernel can't find 'init' on root and panics. Had to fall back to rescue mode and mangle /etc/fstab back to /dev/sda.

3. Graphical install fails on the attempt to start the X server on this ATI FireGL X1 card connected to a DVI LCD and a VGA LCD. The failure locks everything up completely. This appears to be the same radeon problem reported on FC 1 installs.

4. The often reported Gnome process-hang-after-log-outs continue to leave several processes running after X goes down, usually nautilus and bonobo.

5. Unsupported category: jfs based installation crashes Anaconda due to a bad path to jfs_tune. bug# 115101. Kick start %pre sym link provies a work around for now.


[1] I vaguely recall that a post to lkml on scsi name attribution said a recent 2.6 patch solves this problem.

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