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Re: Compiling gnome 2.5.3

PFJ wrote:

I'm 99% certain that there is something rather amiss with the rawhide
rpms of the gnome 2.5.3 branch. I say that as when I used the rawhide
versions, a normally very stable machine became unstable in places. When
I compiled them myself (so I could get Evolution to work), things became
more stable again.

It could just be me though.

I've now downloaded the entire source tree for the 2.5.3 branch (the
Gnome website says 2.5.4 should have been out a few days back). Is there
any particular order in which I need to compile the sources or can I
start at a and go through to z. I imagine it would be a good idea to
compile the lib* directories first.



I started to compile the latest version of GNOME and then stopped after the menus were fixed. I was using the installation order that was for an earlier version of GNOME. There was not an installation order for the newer programs.

I got so far, then the menus were fixed and I stopped. I think that youmight have better luck than I did with installing the development packages that are linked to the website.

The order of installation does matter. Also the new version of GNOME will be installed in user/local and should not interfere with the Fedora compilation of GNOME. I didn't complete the installation process, so I don't know for sure.

I think the GNOME from Fedora of present works pretty decent. I am only having problems with nautilus not shutting down properly and a second login would be mesed up. And the missing help link from the menus.

Good luck with your attempt.


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