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Re: Some FC 2 Test / rawhide results

On Fri, 2004-02-06 at 16:34 -0500, Mark Heslep wrote:
> 1. 1/2 dozen gnome(ish) package installs ( gdm, evolution, file-roller, 
> etc ) report a "...parser error: Input is not proper UTF-8...."  to the  
> anaconda /root/install.log but install ok otherwise.

They're actually all complaining about the Spanish gnome-panel .omf
file.  It's fixed upstream and will be in the next build.

> 2.  Bus device name attribuition caused headaches with conflicts betwenn 
> the  usb storage device and internal SCSI adapter.  When the usb stick 
> is the boot device  it takes /dev/sda away from the internal scsi 
> adapter / disks. [1] The install can be made to go ok but on reboot from 
> the internal drive is atrributed sda again causing  havoc.  Passing  
> "nousbstorage" to anaconda  clears the way of course for the internal 
> SCSI but  makes the usb stick unusable for any further use during the 
> installation.  I thought filesystem  LABELs  were invented to avoid this 
> kind of problem but they dont help either:   the kernel  can't find 
> 'init' on root  and panics. Had to fall back to  rescue mode and mangle 
> /etc/fstab back to  /dev/sda.

You didn't get labels?  This is a case that udev is going to help with
(which is why I haven't done much to work around it otherwise).  On my
test box where this happens, things work fine with the exception of my
swap (which is unlabeled) doesn't get found properly.  Are you using any

> 5.  Unsupported category:  jfs  based installation crashes Anaconda due 
> to a bad path to jfs_tune.  bug# 115101.  Kick start  %pre sym link 
> provies a work around for now.

Went ahead and committed the fix for this already :)


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