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Re: x86_64 and Radeon 9600

You'll likely be able to use "vesa" in the interim (and that's why graphics worked during the installation--it uses a simple vesa driver for the graphical install). I have the same hardware (almost exactly), but with a Radeon 9200...the video card is detected but it goes black when I try to use the radeon drive, and only a reboot can bring it back to life. Anyway, vesa works for me, though it is tragically slow at 1600x1400.

I would be curious why the radeon driver (which works fine on my Athlon XP at home with the same card) fails on my x86_64 box at the office, though.

Jason Reicheneker wrote:
I'm trying to install Fedora Core 1 x86_64 and it says it cannot recognize my monitor or video card, even though it outputs to the display. The install switches to text mode and finishes successfully. After rebooting, Linux starts at the command line. I'm not sure how to get it to recognize my hardware and start X. Is anyone else having this problem, what can I do to fix it?

Here's my system setup:
ASUS K8V Deluxe
AMD 64 3200
60GB IDE Hard Drive
2x 250GB SATA RAID 0
ATI Radeon 9600SE
KDS Visual Sensations 21" monitor
USB Mouse
PS/2 Keyboard

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