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Re: FC1 -> FC2 upgrade and LVM

From: Jeremy Katz <katzj redhat com>

> The LVM2 tools can be compiled to support the LVM1 metadata.  So we do
> so.

just to expand slightly on what i *really* would like to do, for some time
now, my method for upgrading was not to actually do an "upgrade" --
it was to do a fresh install every single time, just preserving the 
filesystems i didn't want to lose and remount them at the same location.

i'd save some of the config files that i didn't want to lose, then
install completely over top of filesystems like /, /usr, /var, /boot
and so on, while preserving data-oriented filesystems like /home.
worked nicely, and frankly, i just never trusted the upgrade

now, will i be able to do something like that with FC?  particularly
in going from FC1 to FC2-test?  will i be able to preserve my LVM1-
based volumes and just remount them?  or am i asking for way too 
much?  and, of course, once i have the new system up and running,
one would like to convert all of the volumes to LVM2.  can i make
this any more difficult? :-)


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