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Re: Fedora Core 1 Test Update: kudzu-

On Fri, 6 Feb 2004 09:10:39 +1100, Norman Gaywood <norm turing une edu au> wrote:

On Thu, Feb 05, 2004 at 11:42:46AM -0500, Bill Nottingham wrote:
Name        : kudzu
Version     :

- fix segfault on CLASS_NETWORK devices with no device set (#106332)
- fix various network device naming snafus (#114611, #113418)

So I guess there is no fix for the 3COM card issue yet?

Most of the 3Com cards have a pre-install program that must be run prior to installing the card in the slot. This merely sets up the "system" for the for the bus mastering slot and associated IRQ to be set on the card after it's put in. My card, (this machine - running FC1 testing) has a 905C-TX which came with a floppy (not a CD) with the install utility. All I have to do is boot with a DOS boot disk - no config.sys or autoexec.bat, run the utility, install the card and then re-boot. Once installed in a slot - under Win9x or whatever - my card is recognized by Linux with standard drivers - until you pull it and put it in a different slot.

Take a look at this link, pick your card, go to documentation, quick guide, and pre-install.

http://www.3com.com/products/en_US/searchbyproduct.jsp?path=download&search=3c905Untitled 1

We quit using these cards just for this reason. When you're assembling a bunch of systems it became a real PITA and bottleneck.

Bob Jones

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