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Re: Firstboot problem

Jay Turner <jkt redhat com> shaped electrons to say:
> On Sat, Feb 07, 2004 at 07:00:05PM -0500, Gregory Woodbury wrote:
>> RuntimeError: could not open display
>> [root tembo root]# Window manager error: Unable to open X display :1
>> The system recovers from the bomb and continues on.  Running from the
>> command line yeilds the same results.  The X-server doesn't fail, the
>> root window and X cursor appear briefly and then the firstboot messages
>> flash by and a boot.log message simply states that firstboot: failed.
>> I do not know if the X server is coming up as the proper screen or on
>> the proper virtual terminal.
> Is X working at all on the machine (outside of firstboot)?  In other words,
> is X failing to start on :0 as well?  You can also check out the XFree86
> logs . . . they can be found in /var/log and have the format of:
> XFree86.<display>.log
> So, the log for :1 would be "XFree86.1.log"  There should be some hints
> there about just what's going on . . . might be something as simple as the
> X server couldn't find a pointer.

X works fine on VT7 for GNOME/KDE. Examination of XFree86.1.log shows no
(EE) messages.  The log does state that it is using VT number 2.  I can
see the server come up and paint the default root window with the
default X cursor, but then firstboot fails with the shown errors.  This
is the window manager failing to access the :1 display, not the X server
failing to start.

Thanks for the reminder of the XFree86 log files, it does narrow the
problem a bit.  I've stashed a copy of the XFree86.1.log at


if you want to look at it.

Gregory G. "Wolfe" Woodbury      `-_-'    Owner/Admin: wolves.durham.nc.us
ggw at wolves.durham.nc.us         U     RHCT August 2003
"The Line Eater is a boojum snark."     Hug your wolf.

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