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Re: FC1 -> FC2 upgrade and LVM

Jeremy Katz wrote:
now, will i be able to do something like that with FC?  particularly
in going from FC1 to FC2-test?  will i be able to preserve my LVM1-
based volumes and just remount them?  or am i asking for way too 
much?  and, of course, once i have the new system up and running,
one would like to convert all of the volumes to LVM2.  can i make
this any more difficult? :-)

Sure, the LVM1 volumes should be found in anaconda and you should just
be able to assign them mount points.  As far as conversion, anaconda
isn't going to do this, but '/sbin/lvm vgconvert' should be able to do

Reading this thread & all of the archive that was abel to browse (with all of the right packages installed from Arjan's APT server), I am still not able to figure out what is the migration patch from FC1+LVM1 to FC2+LVM2.

I am still wondering how to make a 2.6 kernel (Arjan's -149) recognize my LVM1 using dm loaded in an initrd. From a mail archive, I have seen how to make|force an initrd using lvm2 from a 2.4 running kernel (hacking mkinitrd script), but this is not what I want: I am not even speaking of migrating to LVM2 there. Anyone that can help mee booting 2.6 with LVM1 inittrd[1]?

Or shall I first migrate to LVM2 under 2.4 & then to 2.6? In this case, do I have to make my own hand-made kernel with DM patches or is the current DM support in 2.4.22-66 enough? I assume that the above-mentionned vgconvert stage is the tricky no-way-back point, right?

So far, I have migrated to FC2-pre (tupdates on freshrpms) all of my systems without any big issue (but the USB keyboard & mouse... case to add an alias in modprobe|modules.conf? by default?) but my LVM boxes are stuck in 2.4.


[1] Default mkinitrd fails, otherwise I would not ask. Eh?
% rpm -q mkinitrd device-mapper lvm lvm2

Francois-Xavier 'FiX' KOWALSKI

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