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Re: terminology and the hierarchy of releases

Robert P. J. Day said:
> or, putting it another way, what value would it have to remove references
> to updates and/or proposed updates repos from yum.conf if you've already
> applied all of those updates?  and would this represent a system that
> you should even *try* to move up to development via upgrades?

I think it is good advice.  Say have both repos enabled.  An update comes
out for a package in the "updates" before it comes out in "development"
and this package depends on a package that is a different version between
the two (I'm thinking like Python here).  You either get an update that
tries to downgrade your development packages or you get a package that
will be broken.  Granted, up2date or yum will handle the situation, but
why bother with it?

A better way to look at it:

What value would there be to using the FC1 base and updates repos on a
rawhide install?  I don't really think there is any because you want the
development packages to be installed, not the FC1 packages.

William Hooper

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