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updates/testing XFree86

OK, a new version of XFree86 has appeared in updates/testing (although I have 
not seen any announcement yet).  Since I am testing the FC1 x86_64 test1, I 
thought it made sense to rebuild for that platform (took a lot less time than 
I thought it would).

I then used up2date to try an install the updates from a local repository 
(which had both i386 and x86_64 packages in separate directories).  When I 
tried, I got an error message from up2date for unresolved dependencies that 
said "XFree86-libs requires libGL.so.1".

Since both XFree86-libs for i386 and x86_64 were being installed and the 
x86_64 version of XFree86-Mesa-libGL was in the list, I assumed that the i386 
version of the package must be the problem.  My solution was to install the 
i386 package from i386 FC1.  This seemed to do the trick.

Now if the i386 version of XFree86-Mesa-libGL is really needed  then I will 
bugzilla the distribution for it to be included.

However, when I did rpm -qp --requires XFree86-libs-4.<and the rest> it did 
not list libGL.so.1 as being required.

This was repeatable.  I am not sure if this is a bug and, if it is, in what.  
Any comments?

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