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Fedora Athlon 64 Yarrow / KDE 3.2 multimedia


This the right place for this? It seems like a specific problem with x86-64 builds, so I'll try here first

I'm trying to get KDE 3.2 working on the x86_64 .96 test build of Core 1. I've downloaded the Fedora SRPMS from kde.org, and recompiled them. And _almost_ everything works great.

However, when using Noatun or Juk, playing any media doesn't work (.mp3,
.ogg, .wav).  Using kaboodle (which does its own decoding?) they play
fine, but with Noatun or Juk, they seem to be playing (the progress bar
progresses and the spectrum analyser spectrum analyses), but no sound
comes out. I'm using the original kdemultimedia, not the patched
version, and mpeglib_artsplugin is built and installed.

Using the arts status thingy, it reports mp3, ogg, etc, as media types,
and running Noatun makes the channel show up on the arts monitor.

If I run artsshell, and call TraderCheck, I get a bunch of errors, the
most interesting of which is something like

Trader Error: OggPlayObject
 Interface not found

Thats approximate (I'm at work - Athlon 64 is at home with no email),
but pretty close.
Anyone got any ideas? I'll continue to play tonight, but after that I'll
probably just give up and use some other player.

Hamish Friedlander,
Software and Systems,
Ullrich Aluminium

P.S. I sent this off list, and I guess it got lost in the moderator spambucket. Sorry if it ends up getting posted twice.

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