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defining categories of updates

  once upon a time, i mentioned this on the yum list, but
it's clearly more appropriate here (i think).  if someone is
going to design a FAQ for testing, it would be **really**
useful to clarify the different categories of newer RPMs.
quite simply, the current layout at the fedora download
site is confusing as heck.

  consider the current directory structure:


with nary a README to be found, how is one supposed to 
understand what the relationships are here?  first, what's
with two subdirectories "0.96" and "1.90"?  the first contains
only SRPMs and x86_64 stuff, while the second is permission
locked.  it's not at all intuitive (given the lack of docs) what
these are for.  (i realize there's a partial explanation at
another page, but an immediate README would be nice.)

  it's also confusing to have separate directories, one called
"test", the other called "updates/testing".  and how would
one know how "development" relates to test, testing or

  add to this the way other sites categorize their repos, 
and you get a confusing collection of downloads that are
either base, updates, test, testing, development, stable
and/or unstable.  is it worth trying to clear this up?


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