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Re: terminology and the hierarchy of releases

Alexandre Oliva (aoliva redhat com) said: 
> >> o If a package has to be removed w/o any replacement, let it be
> >> obsoleted by fedora-release, or a special clean-up package
> >> fedora-remove-obsoleted-developement. It can be argued that this is
> >> not even neccessary to keep upgrade paths, so consider this optional.
> > No, this causes problems if people go to add their own version of it
> > later.
> `it' being the fedora-remove-obsoleted-development package itself, or
> some other package it's purported to clean up?

The latter.

> I think such an obsoleted package could be a nice thing to have in the
> installer, on updates: the installer would install it (to clean up old
> packages) and then remove it at the end of the installation, such that
> the package wouldn't prevent the installation of the removed package
> again.

Then, you install your own version of said package, and then upgrade to
the next OS version, which has to carry the same obsoletes. Oops,
it just got removed again. :)


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