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Fedora Bug Day Today...err I guess I mean Tonite..err so I guess imean Fedora Bug Nite Tonite!!!!!!

Fedora Bug Day Tonite!!!!!! 7.30pm EST - 'til I fall asleep
Theme: A general call to arms, for bugbusting!!!!!

*Why tonite? Why not today?  
Sadly, I'm being forced to be away from all internet connected computers
today, and my wireless neural implant isn't working. Someone is trying
to tell me i have "work" to do, or something. I'm just as confused as
you are about all this.  But this evening, unless my isp has other
plans, i'll be jacked into the net for a large chunk of time. Drop by
#fedora-bugs on the freenode network in about oh 10 or so hours from now
and help get involved with the bugzilla triage effort. Though now that
mitr has bugzilla editting rights, you can stop into the irc channel in
the meantime and see if he's around. So if you want to help out with
triage. What is triage?
maybe this will explain:

*What can i do RIGHT NOW!
Become involved in the fedora.us QA process and help QA packages that
are waiting to be published in the fedora.us addon repo: 

Please look over that list, and pick a package you would like to see
published for the community to enjoy that you are interested in.
There are 348 packages sitting waiting for QA. That's 348 packages the
Fedora community could be enjoying in the published fedora.us repository
trees, once they have made it through the community peer-review process.
Remember, until the full merge is completed and Fedora Extras and
Alternatives is up and running...community packagers are being advised
to use fedora.us's process. How do you become involved in the fedora.us
peer-review process? Easy, read:

Not only is this a good way to help out, by being part of the
peer-review process that helps make sure high quality packages are
available to the community, but doing the peer-review QA, can help you
learn how to do better rpm packaging. For those of you who dream of the
fame and fortune of being Fedora Extras contributors down the road,
getting involved in the fedora.us QA process now is a good place to

-jef"technically, getting this notice out 10 hours before I'm going to
be available, actually means this notice isn't late...in fact its
probably the earliest notice i've done for a bug day so far"spaleta

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