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Re: Fedora Core 1 Test Update: spamassassin-2.63-0.1

Randal, Phil wrote:
Is this not a bit of overkill for FC1?

I rolled my own spamassassin-2.63 RPM by basically rebuilding FC1's
spamassassin-2.60 RPM with the SA 2.63 tar.gz file.

If what we had was adequate for FC1, why not the same approach for the

And sort it out properly for FC2?



I understand your concern, but...
1) This is why we have an extended test period for a bug fix release, since it is nowhere near urgent to release this like a security update.
2) I personally have used this package in production for weeks with seemingly good results.
3) Notice how the bug was only a corner case where an attempt of a "proper" semi-artificial dependency was created. Thanks to this issue I personally understand the pre-FC2 perl problem better now. I also now understand why fedora.us has packaged perl modules in a certain way, because they had already realized this problem long ago.


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