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Re: hw recommendations?

On Wed, Feb 11, 2004 at 03:26:12PM -0500, Whitley CTR Cecil H wrote:
> was wondering if I could get a few recommendations on what works well under
> the 2.4.22 kernel that ships with Fedora core 1 64 test 1?  In particular:
> 1.  Does the features of the Gigabyte ga-k8v800 work well?

Generally speaking this board should work with FC1 x86_64

> 2.  Is the S-ATA controller supported?

SATA is Via chipset, I believe this works in the current kernel, hopefully
some users can correct on this, or I can test tonight.  many VIA boards
come with both Via SATA controller and Promise SATA controllers, and I dont
recall which one we actually support.

> 3.  Is the onboard LAN supported?

Yes, onboard LAN should work.

> 4.  Is the onboard sound supported?

Onboard sound should require ALSA, so not out of the box with FC1, but
should with FC2

> 5.  Which has better support the ATI 9700 pro or the NVIDIA 5900?
For 2D, both should be fine, for 3D, the 9700Pro has no drivers available.
ATI has not released any 64bit drivers yet, and I dont know when they will,
I think the comment they made today was along the lines of creating world
class software that focuses on released and shipping windows products. when
asked about 64bit drivers, and I do not expect to see a 64bit Linux driver
until they are working on the windows driver as well... Hopefully I am
wrong. Nvidia supports 64bit fairly well with their binary drivers.


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