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RE: hw recommendations?

Title: RE: hw recommendations?


>For 2D, both should be fine, for 3D, the 9700Pro has no drivers available.
>ATI has not released any 64bit drivers yet, and I dont know when they will,
>I think the comment they made today was along the lines of creating world
>class software that focuses on released and shipping windows products. when
>asked about 64bit drivers, and I do not expect to see a 64bit Linux driver
>until they are working on the windows driver as well... Hopefully I am
>wrong. Nvidia supports 64bit fairly well with their binary drivers.
I guess ATI missed a sale then.  Presumably one lost sale won't hurt them.  It was my understanding that they had released some driver source and I would have liked to reward that.  Does the NVIDIA driver come in the ISO's or will I need to track it down?

Thanks again!

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