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Re: hw recommendations?

Justin M. Forbes wrote:
On Wed, Feb 11, 2004 at 03:49:20PM -0500, Whitley CTR Cecil H wrote:


I guess ATI missed a sale then.  Presumably one lost sale won't hurt them.
It was my understanding that they had released some driver source and I
would have liked to reward that.  Does the NVIDIA driver come in the ISO's
or will I need to track it down?

The Nvidia binary only drivers are only available from their website... 2D
will work with the ISOs.  On the ATI side, 2D will work on the newer cards,
the 9200, 8500, and the 8800 based cards do have open source 3D drivers,
and will work.

FWIW, the 2D radeon driver does not work for me on my Asus K8V Deluxe x86_64 system with a 9200, while it works fine for the same card in an Athlon XP system. I had to revert to vesa on the 64 bit box. (Screen blanks and only a reboot will recover the system.)

I'd love to know of a fix for this problem...1600x1400 on vesa is slooooow.

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