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Re: FC2 test1 bittorrent problem

On Thu, Feb 12, 2004 at 06:39:40PM +0200, Markku Kolkka wrote:
> I'm trying to get FC2-test1 by bittorrent, but I'm getting an 
> error message:
> "Problem connecting to tracker - HTTP Error 400: Not Authorized"
> The announcement for FC2 test1 was posted over an hour ago, and 
> the torrent.dulug.edu page shows the torrent as available. 
> What's the problem? Is bittorrent working for anyone else?

It's working for me:

 file:     FC2-test1-binary-i386
 size:     2,153,972,424 (2.0 GB)
 dest:     /download/fc2-test1/FC2-test1-binary-i386
 progress: ######____________________________________________________
 status:   finishing in 7:44:39 (10.2%)
 speed:     58.3 KB/s down -  93.7 KB/s up
 totals:   208.7 MB   down - 315.9 MB   up


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