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Re: hw recommendations?

On February 12, 2004 10:31 am, Wim Bakker wrote:
> On Thursday 12 February 2004 01:43, Mark wrote:
> > On February 11, 2004 02:41 pm, Joe Cooper wrote:
> > > Justin M. Forbes wrote:
> > > > On Wed, Feb 11, 2004 at 03:49:20PM -0500, Whitley CTR Cecil H wrote:
> >
> > You may want to try a 2.6 kernel. We have Radeon 9200s working on Via and
> > AMD chipsets. Now the 9200SE is a little bit different situation, we
> > could not even boot a Tyan S2885 with a 9200SE.
> >
> > regards,
> > --
> I'm running on a tyan tiger S2875 with radeon 9200SE , unknown brand
> and it works fine. Had to compile X myself though, latest snapshot,
> the X delivered with FC-0.96 for x86_64 doesn't work , though the
> pci id matches one of the supported id's. To get the S2875 boot from
> the sata interface , I had to recompile a clean kernel 2.6.2 , with sata
> support under scsi enabled , the 2.6.1- kernel as delivered from the
> fedoira ftp site doesn't support the SIL3114 apparently.

Hmm, maybe R9200SE problem was a bios issue that Tyan fixed. Personally, I 
would avoid the R9200SE as it's a cut down version of R9200 and doesn't cost 
that much less. Especially if you need to compile X 4.3.99 to get it to work.

Good to here about the SIL3114 SATA working. I guess now it's time to make a 
boot image that support it too on install.

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