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Re: FC2 Test 1 First Boot Display setting

I had the same issue with the first boot display that it did not take.

But after setting the display up using the system settings --> display tool
I am told to restart X for the changes take effect. I say OK to that dialog
and then I logout using the main menu.

During logout there is a crash dialog that is displayed but it does not stay up long enough
to read what crashed. Is there a log entry somewhere when the crash dialog is displayed?

After the first crash I could not login as an error the a gnome panel was already running was
displayed and then the system hard locked up. I had to hard reboot

I have repeated the crash 3 times since and the system restarts ok each time but I need some pointers
as where to look to figure out what is crashing.


Gerry Tool wrote:

On first boot, a Display dialog is presented that allows setting of the display resolution. Original value was 1024 x 768. Changed to 1280 x 1024. This did not "take". After login had to run System Settings > Display and log in/out to change as desired.

Gerry Tool

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