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Re: Promise 20378 SATA controller and FC2 Test1 first impressions ...

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From: Adam Pearse
> Question for anyone who can answer (have has an opinion), will FC2
> support the BIOS created RAID images or are we stuck using software RAID
> and dumb down the controller to basically act as an IDE interface?

If dmesg doesn't show it, then they must be still working on
object/container detection code within that particular driver.  Therefore,
you *trust* the controller to doing all the raid for you - which it is
undoubtly doing according to your BIOS.

Since the driver isn't mature yet, and there's ptobably no monitoring
utilities out yet, you won't be able to see what's really going on at the
physical level.

You should have to resort back to software raid - the controller should
still be doing the raid for you.
-Eric Wood

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