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Re: Up2date channels

Gerry Tool wrote:
On Thursday 12 February 2004 21:01, William Hooper wrote:

Gerry Tool said:

Shouldn't it be using the yum fedora-core-2-test1-updates" channel

What "fedora-core-2-test1-updates" channel?

Looks like it's the same as Severn was, Rawhide is where the updates will
go until it is released.

William Hooper

There were half-a-dozen or so packages in the channel listed as:

yum fedora-core-2-test1-updates http://fedora.redhat.com/updates/released/fedora-core-1

and there are about 130+ packages in the channel listed as:

fedora-core-rawhide http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/core/development/$ARCH/

Is this latter channel the one we are suppose to be using for this test phase? I would appreciate a statement of what the ground rules are for updating during this test phase.


Gerry Tool

I got about 173 packages of new development packages. I presume that they are less desirable than the half-dozen or so packages in the update repository. Gimp had a conflict that needed resolved. I installed about half of the 173 packages, then rebooted into Fedora Core 1 to burn the ISOs.

Also, I concur with the gnome shutdown and error reporting screen showing, then disappearing before you could send the report.

Also, I see the same problem with screensavers in the more system tools area, along with other programs. This did not show on one of my two installs, but is on the clean install of development. I'm finishing up burning the 4th iso now and will clean install a copy of Fedora2 test 1 shortly.


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