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Re: printconf broken on x86_64 test 1

On Thursday 12 February 2004 22:18, John Alexander Thacker wrote:
> On a freshly installed 0.96 x86_64 box, printconf-gui hangs trying to
> initialize the printing database when adding a queue.  So, I launch
> printconf-tui and it breaks with the following error message.  Looks
> like it's looking in a build directory for a python file when it
> shouldn't be.

There have been a number of printer related updates released for the FC1 i386.  
If you get the src rpms and rebuild for x86_64, the problems are resolved.

Not necessarily the solution you want to hear but this is reality. FC1 x86_64 
has been somewhat of a "low budget" effort by a few people and a lot of 
problem resolution requires the user to build their own updates.  This should 
greatly improve later in the FC2 cycle when the x86_64 updates (and ISOs) get 
built automatically.

I seem to remember having a printconf problem on the x86_64 and don't have any 
problems now that I have redhat-config-printer-

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