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Re: FC2 Test1 Evolution crashes


> Where is bugzilla for this release?

It's already there on the Ximian bugzilla. Personally, I compiled 1.5.3
from source and it worked a damned sight better than the Fedora one
which is just unstable full stop.

It is fixed in the 1.5.4 release. No idea why the Fedora chaps haven't
RPM'd it yet though.

There are other issues with 1.5.3

1. Don't use the internal spam checking - it's dog slow
2. Mailboxs aren't transfered correctly
3. Addresses aren't transfered at all
4. Printing is unreliable (segfaults) - not sure if that is an Ev
5. It is a lot slower than the previous versions. 
6. (On my system) It hangs on downloading emails at email 12 (attempt
7. If you leave it to itself for downloading email (automatically,
doesn't have the download progress bars) it's a lot more stable
8. It won't always start up. There seems to be an issue with
evolution-alarm-notify and the dataserver going insane. Best thing to do
is to start Ev up and if it doesn't appear instantly (or within a couple
of seconds), kill the dataserver, Ev and alarm-notify and try again

All of these are on the Ximian bugzilla.


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