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Re: FC2 Test 1 Nautilus crashes

Telsa Gwynne wrote:
On Thu, Feb 12, 2004 at 02:01:01PM -0600 or thereabouts, Gerry Tool wrote:

My home directory icon opens a window that shows the files/folders that exist, but it is not a standard Nautilus window with the expected format. Is this correct?

I don't know about "correct", but it is certainly intentional.

Since I am sure this will come up a lot in this cycle, I shall mention early on that you can get the old view back:
right-click on a file or folder and select "Browse". At
least, this works on Nautilus from CVS, so I presume it will work on Fedora (we haven't finished downloading yet).

Although it would probably be good if a few people tested
it in the default view :)

Can't help with the crash though..


Thanks! Right clicking on a desktop folder, then selecting browse works. I like the old view better.


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