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Re: xmms+sound..

On fre, 2004-02-13 at 13:51 +0000, Ted wrote:
> Just installed Fedora test and xmms tells me..
> Segmentation fault
> And /sbin/sndconfig tells me I must be using a kernel with modular
> sound...I looked at the kernel with make menu config and see the
> kernel is built with modular sound...Any advice appreciated...

Generally when you run a test release and encounter a problem with a
specific program it a good idea to query for bugs against the component
in question.

In this case searching for "Fedora Core", "test1" and "xmms" gives two
bugs, one that has the summary "xmms segfault on startup". Perhaps that
one might be related?

If you're to lazy to actually do the search I can tell you it's bug
number #115523.

(In short, if you dont't have an old $HOME/.xmms directory to bootstrap
with you need to back out the arts patch from the src.rpm and rebuild,
or wait for an xmms update in the devel tree.)


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