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Re: FC2 test1: pcmcia problems on dell i8100

Alexander Volovics wrote:
I had to remove the Intel Pro 10/100 pcmcia network card
before I could install FC2 test 1 on a Dell inspiron 8100.

After reinserting the card I configured networking via

The driver xirc2ps_cs is loaded and pcmcia is running but
when pcmcia services are started I get the message:
"pcmcia: cardmgr[1129]: no sockets found!" in the boot.log.

Can somebody tell me how to get this working again with the
2.6 kernel.

I found this to be a problem as well. I simply did a modprobe yenta (or whichever the module name for yenta is) and then restarted the PCMCIA service - my stuff started working.

It seems that the pcmcia-cs update and/or the newer kernel we probably pulled from apt/yum/up2date last night broke it.


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