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FC 2 Test 1 - Sony Vaio laptop issues

1. The GUI setup can not detect and LCD or Laptop display.  Instead it
chooses an "Unprobed Monitor".  Is this in case one "might" be using an
external monitor?  No biggie, it would just be nice to have LCDs detected if

2. If you check 'Everything',  the software catagories show go grey and
display [0/10] instead of [10/10].  ...as if nothing will be installed.

3. When you get to "Starting Install Process, this may take several
minutes..."  what is it doing?  I assume checking dependencies.  If
'Everything' is checked can we skip that delay and install everything
by --force just to speed things up.

4. Sound detected as Model: VT82C686 AC97 Audio Controller, Module:
snd-via82xx.   However, can not here test sound.  Mixer problem?

5. RH's 'sound config utility' still looking for sound soundcore.o module -

6. Stuff already reported, xmms bombs, geyes bombs,  cd's didn't eject
during install, etc.

7.  The Battery monitor applet does not switch from AC<->Battery when I
unplug my power cord - stracing it doesn't even show it trying to change.

Now, the ulcer comes.....

8.  There's always a ticker in every release that polls the filesystem thus
forcing the bdflush to write to disk every few seconds.
tick.....tick....tick.  Thought it was fam which keeps looking for
non-existant gnome directories (wonder why fam is looking specificly for
gnome stuff.... um....).   But the culprit turns out to be magicdev polling
the mtab file again.  Killing magicdev cured my ulcer.  Has the magicdev
team considered using fam?

-Eric Wood

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