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Fedora Test2 on vmware

Anybody trying to run Fedora Test2 on vmware (on windows)? I've got some mouse issues (click on menu, it sits there and does nothing unless I hit Esc, and then it executes the item I clicked on), but I'm not sure if it is a vmware-tools problem, a 2.6 problem or what yet.

Also get no sound (cannot load module, no big deal for me), but I saw a message that sound in 2.6 has issues right now.

up2date is also really slow, even after adding my own mirrors (mirror.kernel.org). I was able to get through it eventually, and get the kernel updated to 2.6.2.xxx, and things seem to be going OK for the moment...

The Services app is also having problems. If I launch it from a menu, it tries to start and dies. If I run it manually from a terminal window, it seems to work OK, but the checkboxes next to each service are cut off - only a single pixel of the checkmark is visible.

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