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Re: FC2 test1: install glitches and comments (resend, last one wastoo big)

-Did not detect that my monitor was a LCD 1024x768.  Recent MDK10 and
Lindows4.5 are able to.

Same with my Dell - so it's probably a laptop display thing.

-"Please insert disc 2 to continue" the currently inserted disk is not
ejected automatically. This has been reported by someone else on this list.

Listed in the release notes.

-Thank you for providing normal-size CD-ROM images! It must be tempting
to use slightly large ISO images (80mn instead of 74mn), but that would
mean I'd have to sacrifice CDR instead of using my old CDRW.

C'mon, at 19-25¢ per, I think using a CD-R is justifiable unless you don't have easy access to a recycling facility. Not only that, but they read much quicker for the install.

-Just a Q about the boot diskette: I read somewhere that the kernel did
not fit anymore on a floppy, how does the boot diskette work?

It doesn't - that's why an ISO image is provided - they fit perfectly on the business card or 110mb mini CD-R's. A CD-RW works as well.

-cpuspeed: Error could not open file for writing /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/cpu_governor

configure /etc/cpuspeed.conf with the correct module. On my dell, it was speedstep-smi I believe. Once that was in, no more message, and I want to say my battery life improved to boot - but that could be the placebo effect :-) It would have been nice if this was auto-detected by kudzu and then inserted though.

-License Agreement: should force scrolling to bottom before enabling
"Yes, I agree".

Why, so we can skim and still not read it, but be annoyed by the fact that we have to scroll first? Great for lawyers, not so great for lazy admins, who are still doing a bulk of the installs.

-Should be a way to configure auto-login as in Mandrake, especially for
Personal/Workstations install.  Frankly, I even like the idea of no
password for root for those kind of installs.

This can be done via the menu when configuring the login screen. Putting it less in the open discourages this overall bad practice.

Rick Johnson, RHCE #807302311706007 - rjohnson medata com
Linux/Network Administrator - Medata, Inc. (from home)
PGP Public Key: https://mail.medata.com/pgp/rjohnson.asc

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