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Re: FC2 test1: install glitches and comments (resend, last one was too big)

On Sat, Feb 14, 2004 at 01:03:04AM -0500, Ricky Ng-Adam wrote:
> -on reboot after install... Kernel Stopped booting after agpgart and
> Serial: 8250[...]IRQ sharing enabled lines.  Poweroff/poweron seems

Seen this, its as if any serial interrupt occuring during the serial setup
or before it hangs the box. I've not yet been able to get much further as
I've not yet found a box I have it will boot all the way on except with
the install CD

I also see similar problems with IRQ 12 sharing, then disable then hangs
and then since IRQ 12 is _really_ used by something other than the 
non-existant PS/2 mouse it tried to enable that hangs too.

> -Should be a way to configure auto-login as in Mandrake, especially for
> Personal/Workstations install.  Frankly, I even like the idea of no
> password for root for those kind of installs.


> -"microcode: No suitable data for cpu 0": is this important?

No. It probably shouldnt be user visible though

> -some atkbd.c: Unknown key released (see messages)

XFree86 build bug it appears.

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