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Re: Garzik and the libata (SATA) committee

Alan Cox wrote:

On Fri, Feb 13, 2004 at 09:59:06PM -0700, raxet wrote:

Now even with copying the tainted drivers sata_promise.o and scsi_mod.o to diskette in place of the ft3xx.o, this routine WON'T

You need 2.6 binary only drivers built against the right kernel image. I don't believe they exist.


Sorry, but why when up to release of FC2 test 1 I could get ANY kernel 2.4.24 etc working
with libata and the release totally bomb. That's progress? What your saying is that for final
release of FC, no one with a working 2.4 kernel will be doing libata?

I've built many 2.6 custom kernels since FC1 and they all had module support for this
Promise controller off originally. Why was it such a big deal to turn module support on
for it anyway. Point, click, done. grief

Go figure.


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