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need help/comments

This problem has been reported as 

I installed FC2 test1 on a dual P-III with a Linksys NC100 NIC (pci 
1317:0985).  After the install, I could not see/communicate with any other 
system (even a ping).  The interface was up and I could ping myself but, of 
course, nothing went outside.  I know the interface works and con communicate 
with other systems because:

1. It works fine with FC1 and RHL9 installed on this box and

2. I installed FC2 test1 as an NFS install..

I have FC2 test1 installed on another box and, although I had to manually 
configure things post install because the 3C940/sk98lin was not recognized, 
it works fine.  Therefore, I don't see this as something I am screwing up 
(although that is certainly possible).

I don't see anything in /var/log/messages about this.

Any hints/comments on how to troubleshoot this?

Anyone else using the Linksys NC100?

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