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Problems with Disc3 of binaries

I have encountered an odd problem.

I have downloaded the binary ISOs via bittorrent.  The MD5SUM file
checks out.  I burn the ISOs to disc.  I run the install and test each
disc.  Discs 1, 2, and 4 check out fine, but disc 3 fails the test.  The
install will fail on install on disc 3 as well, so there is some sort of
problem. I have burned two discs with the same problem.

The MD5SUM file matches the one I am seeing on the mirrors.

Are other people seeing this or am I just encountering a weird glitch
with my burning software.  (XCDRoast will not verify under the 2.6
kernel because it thinks data cds are audio discs for some unknown

Ideas? (Or am I just going mad?)

"Push that big, big granite sphere way up there from way down here!
Gasp and sweat and pant and wheeze! Uh-oh! Feel momentum cease!
Watch it tumble down and then roll the boulder up again!"
    - The story of Sisyphus by Dr. Zeus in Frazz 12/18/2003

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